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Hey FoxChase Let's Get Ready For The Summer

The community is partnering with the PG County of Department of the Environment (DoE) to hold a Community Clean Up Day scheduled for Saturday 26, June 26th, starting at 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  There will be members of DoE in attendance to answer any questions you may have regarding county services.  Oh, Food Trucks will be here too!

Acceptable Materials

·         Carpet and padding (Limit of carpet and padding is 324 sq. ft. - rolled and tied on ends)

·         Doors and cabinets (limit of 3 each)

·         Furniture and refrigerators (Limit of 5 appliances per pickup; doors must be taped shut)

·         Hot water heaters and lawn mowers (Remove the gas tank and drain the oil from lawn mowers)

·        Other large materials/furniture items generated in the household that are not picked up by refuse collection

·         Smaller household items:

                   o    Must be placed in bags or boxes

                   o    Limit any combination of bags and boxes to 10

                   o    Weight limit of 60 pounds per bag or box

·         Vehicle Tires (Limit of 4; vehicle tires only, no truck tires)

·         Washing machines and dryers

·         Effective February 1, 2019, for the health and safety of staff, Prince George‚Äôs County residents requesting
          curbside collection of Bulky items will be required to completely cover mattresses and box springs in a
          protective plastic covering.   Mattresses and box springs delivered to the landfill by residents will not be
          required to be covered in protective encasement. 

Non-Acceptable Materials

·         Animal carcasses

·         Asbestos

·         Ash

·         Automobiles or auto parts

·         Chemical and/or petroleum cleanup waste

·         Compressed cylinders of any size, shape, or condition

·         Construction and demolition debris

·         Drums, tanks, kegs, and barrels (plastic and metal) greater than 55 gallons in size unless the sides are
          removed, and the vessel flattened prior to collection

·         Fencing/sheds/gazebos

·         Glass

·         Hazardous and bio-hazardous medical waste

·         Home renovation/remodeling debris

·         Household trash

·         Liquids, including paint, sewage and septic waste

·         Materials from evictions, foreclosures, unoccupied properties, commercial properties or apartment

·         Mirrors

·         Plastic packing materials and plastic sheeting

·         Radioactive material

·         Riding lawnmowers

·         Shingles, roofing materials

·         Skids and pallets

·         Soil, rocks, grubbing material and spoil

·         Stumps and logs

·         Windows

·         Wood (unless it is a piece of furniture)

                                                                                                                   Download This Notice